10 Truths for International Sustainable Development

26 Jan 2011 2:59 AM | Anonymous

Over the past five years going to the Brazilian Amazon and Kenya, here are some of the truths of international sustainable development that we have discovered.  I'd love any feedback, additions, or subtractions you may have

Ten Truths for International Sustainable Development

  1. To care, to learn, to teach, and to act are the forefront principles of sustainable giving and service.
  2. Superior impact comes through friendship and one-to-one relationships.
  3. People are inspired to take action when they truly listen, observe, learn, and understand.
  4. The act of giving becomes enduring and sustainable when all individuals and cultures involved feel like they are both the giver and the receiver.
  5. It is unwise to do for [others] what they can do for themselves (Flynn, 2010).
  6. Buy-in comes through local leadership; ongoing support comes from the community; funding and resources come from all.
  7. Positive change requires patience and persistence.
  8. Wisdom comes from making mistakes; correcting them; sharing them; and staying on task.
  9. Sustainability increases when local leadership, training, accountability, and self-sufficiency are maximized.
  10. Giving is fun, rewarding, and challenging.
Ben Nolte
Adventure Giving

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